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Billeting Reservation System


BRS allows Fort Harrison personnel to enter reservations for incoming individual soldiers or units up to 1 year in advance.  The system also tracks room inventory, maintenance, cleaning, and much more!

The Billeting Reservation System (BRS) was developed for the Montana Army National Guard Training Site Headquarters in Fort Harrison, Montana.  The National Guard was given federal funding to build and improve several billeting units on Fort Harrison, in order to offer rooms for soldiers training here who are from distant areas.  These improvements on Fort Harrison brought the room count up to over 350 and gave the Fort a capacity of over 700 soldiers.  With so many rooms, room types, inventories, and reservations to keep track of, the personnel of Training Site Headquarters could no longer keep accurate hand-written logs.

Top Features:

  • Over 350 Rooms
  • Inventory System
  • Tracks Room Availability
  • 1 Year Advance Reservations
  • Customer History
  • Graphical Interface
  • Intuitive Use

BRS allows training site personnel to enter reservations for incoming individual soldiers or units up to 1 year in advance, and the system keeps the soldier’s name, rank, unit, and billing information in it’s database.  The system assigns an available room or, if desired, the user can check the status and assign any specific room.  The system then assigns a confirmation number, and prints a bill, and prints a receipt upon payment.

BRS keeps track of more than sleeping quarters.  There are several Dining Facilities, Recreation Rooms, Supply Rooms, and Orderly Rooms available for use by Army personnel.

BRS not only keeps track of available and occupied rooms, but it also keeps track of each room’s specific inventory, it tracks whether the furniture and appliances are in working order, if there is any maintenance needed and whether or not it has been cleaned.

One additional requirement for this system was gender.  The gender of the soldier was a factor in the design of the database, as male and female soldiers are not allowed by regulation to share multi-person rooms.

This system has a graphical interface, showing the floor plan of each building and the rooms available on the screen.  Also, several printed reports are available to training site personnel to let them know all the pertinent information regarding rooms, as well as statistical and financial information.

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