Certified Professionals

The team of Front Desk Software, L.L.C. has worked in the electronic information environment for a combined total of over thirty years.  This experience encompasses working for both private and government sectors involving personal computers, mid-range computers, and mainframe computer systems.  This diversified experience allows Front Desk Software, L.L.C. to create excellent specific Personal Computer (PC) applications for businesses and provide outstanding consulting services to our clients.  Front Desk Software, L.L.C. provides a flexibility that gives businesses many options for meeting their technology needs, and enables them to be a true partner in the decisions involved.  We have found that there is no all-encompassing answer, and we take the time to learn each businesses singular challenges.

The skills of our members cover the spectrum of today’s business technology needs:  business analysis, application development and maintenance, database design, analysis and maintenance, local and wide area network administration, classroom instruction, software quality assurance testing, software and hardware analysis and installation.  With our versatility we have the ability to see a project through from its initial inception to final deployment and beyond.  We help businesses to see the “big picture” and make use of today’s computer technology to enhance productivity, build customer satisfaction and streamline office information management.

Our staff includes Microsoft Certified Professionals and we are listed on the Management Information System Services Contract for the State of Montana for microcomputer analysis and programming,and for web design.

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