Multi-Platform Support

Do you have multiple technologies at work in your office.  Maybe several Excel Spreadsheets here and a few Access Databases there and maybe more technologies such as custom applications and SQL or Oracle databases?  With newer techniques, all of these technologies can work together in one single custom solution.  If the technology cannot be incorporated into the design, we can import or migrate data to a new, more stable, and advanced solution.

The team at Front Desk Software, L.L.C. has skills that cover the entire spectrum of today’s business technology needs.  We can give your organization the flexibility and options to meet your technology needs.  Our staff have worked in areas ranging from PC setup and hardware, PC Development, Server and Network programming and setup, and even Mainframe experience.  Our personnel have real experience in several computer programming languages, several operating systems, database design, and operating environments.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • .NET
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IDMS Database Software
  • Fox Pro
  • DB/2
  • IMS
  • JCL
  • ADS
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft TeamFoundations
  • Microsoft Project

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Network Design
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Tuning
  • Network Maintenance
  • ABM System 360/370 Assembler
  • CULPRIT Report Writer
  • 3270 Online Mapping
  • IDMS Online Central Version
  • Corel Office Suite
  • PKWare Data Compression Library
  • ICD-9
  • CPT Coding
  • FrontPage
  • Dreamweaver

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