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Bruce Seed Farms Seed Farm Managment System


SFMS handles Inventory Control, Point-of-Sale Information, and Accounting.  It also integrates with the company’s existing off-the-shelf accounting package.

The Seed Farm Management System (SFMS) was written for Bruce Seed Farms in Townsend, Montana.  Bruce Seed Farms has over 400 customers, and literally deals with tons of seed in a day.  Our package enabled Bruce Seed Farms to cut overhead and increase both their production and profit margin.

Top Features:

  • Interfaces with Existing Software
  • Tracks Vendors and Customers (including multiple addresses)
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Microsoft Windows Based
  • Customized to Their Exact Needs

Although Bruce Seed Farms did have an existing system, they came to Front Desk Software, L.L.C. because their existing system was not easy to use, and it required a large amount of maintenance at year-end.  Front Desk Software, L.L.C. examined their business practices, and re-developed their system to provide better ease of use, easier maintenance,and to provide an increase in functionality.

SFMS handles Inventory Control, Point-of-Sale Information, and performs basic accounting functions while integrating with the company’s existing off-the-shelf accounting package.  SFMS monitors accounts receivable and accounts payable, including 30/60/90 overdue accounts.

This comprehensive program also manages the entire inventory for Bruce Seed Farms.  The system tracks seed by lot number, by mix ratio, and allows for the creation of new mixes using seed types, purity and germination ranges.  It even tracks inventory in long-term storage operations.

In the first year of using this software, Bruce Seed Farms doubled its revenue without adding any additional staff.  Additionally, SFMS allows this multi-million dollar business to operate with half the support staff personnel required by its competitors.

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